Bullet Journal Notebook for Children

Bullet Journal has become increasingly popular over the years. But what is a bullet journal? Most of us relate to bullet journal as pretty and illustrative pages with months or weekly spreads. In actual fact, a bullet journal is more than just artistic work! Bullet Journal is a fantastic system for anyone to record anything in an orderly manner. Children can use bullet journal notebook to track their daily schedule, their assignments, classes, appointments, feelings and many more! It can also include pages for sketching and idea generation.
If you start scrolling through websites or Pinterest to get ideas on where to start and how to start, you will find it extremely over-whelming! This was how I felt when I first started. I was drawn to the illustrations, more so than the idea of the bullet journal system. So, why can't we have both right? With the Bullet Journal 2021 notebook, you can start your bujo journey immediately. The handmade A5 saddle-stitched notebook has a simple Bullet Journal Key for children to follow along and includes all 12 months of 2021. As a bonus, tracking pages such as "books I have read", "shows I have watched", "birthdays" and "mood tracker" have been included.
This Bullet Journal 2021 notebook is given to all participants of the Bullet Journal Workshop, which you can find out more here.

Here are 12 different monthly spreads and illustrative ideas for you to start your bullet journal.

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