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Welcome to One Kind Letterer! I am so glad that you are here. Let's learn hand lettering together. I am here to empower you with all the tools and resources needed to start your lettering journey.


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Learn to Letter

Ready to learn lettering? Check out these resources to help you start on your lettering journey.

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Lettering Club

Join me and other lettering Artists to  explore new lettering tools every month!

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Secret Library

Access the Secret Library to receive all the lettering freebies, tips, free practice sheets  and more!

Introduction to Brush Lettering Mini-Course

Not sure if Brush Lettering is for you? Sign up now for a FREE 4 day email course to find out all about brush lettering. You will learn about the basics of lettering, what tools you need and how to get started!

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Recommended Supplies

This is the most common question I have from anyone who wants to start learning lettering - what supplies do I need?  Do I have to spend alot? The asnwer is no!

When I first started lettering, I went crazy with buying pens and markers and the biggest mistake, was to use the wrong type of paper! This meant money down the drain because many pens were ruined by the wrong type of paper. Don't make the same mistakes as me!

Here's the list of all my favourite suppies ranging from paper, pen and many more! I've included Amazon links and where you can get them.

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10 days of lettering drills

Free Lettering Practice Drills

Lettering Workshops

Let's start lettering together today!
Brush Lettering Workshop for beginners