Modern Brush Lettering Bootcamp (8 weeks)

An intensive 8 weeks program for you to

master the basics of brush lettering and more!

Doors only open 2 times a year! 

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What is Modern Brush Lettering Bootcamp?

The Modern Brush Lettering Bootcamp is a 8 weeks intensive training for any beginners. The 8 week Bootcamp will start with an in-person workshop so we can work on your posture and pen holding. We will cover the basic strokes, lowercase alphabets, uppercase alphabets and more importantly, how to connect words to create simple lettering composition pieces. By the end of the 8 weeks, you will gain confidence to letter cards and more for your friends and family!

This course is for you if:

  • You are a beginner in brush lettering
  • You want to learn brush lettering but you're not sure how to start
  • You want to have all lettering materials provided for
  • You are excited to practice to improve your lettering
  • You want to gain confidence in lettering
  • You want to learn how to create lettering composition and how to improve
  • You want guidance from someone who can help give you feedback to improve
  • You want to go to an in-person workshop
  • You want extra instructional videos and guidance after the in-person workshop

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You don't want to spend time practicing
  • You prefer learning from videos on youtube
  • You are an intermediate hand lettering artist
  • You don't want to learn something new
  • You are looking to learn pointed pen calligraphy
  • You don't want to attend an in-person workshop
  • You are not able to commit for 8 weeks

What will you learn in the Modern Brush Lettering Bootcamp?

Week 1           2-hour  in-person workshop

Week 1-3       Basic Strokes and Lowercase Alphabets (+ Practice Challenges)

Week 4         Live Lesson 1: Connecting Words (+ 15 Days Challenge)

Week 5-6      Live Lesson 2: Simple Lettering Composition & Uppercase Alphabets

Week 6         7 Days Quote Challenge

Week 7         Completion of Final Lettering Assignment and Composition Pieces

Week 8         Live Lesson 3: Review of Lettering Composition


Get lifetime access to all the videos of the lowercase alphabets, uppercase alphabets, lettering words and composition + replay of all online classes

What you'll receive

  • Modern Brush Lettering Workbook
  • Modern Brush Lettering Connection Workbook
  • Smooth Tracing Paper Pad (50 Sheets)
  • Practice Paper (10 Sheets)
  • Tracing Paper (20 Sheets)
  • 3 different brands of small brush pens

What my students are saying...

For those who wants to improve on their brush lettering, this bootcamp will benefit them. In fact my normal handwriting has improved as well after all the years of just typing out on laptops and mobile phones!

Thank you Ada for the time spent teaching us and guiding us individually! I’m so glad I signed up for this cos I’ve always wanted to learn brush lettering in depth. Thank you again! 🙂


I have learnt a lot from the bootcamp and with the daily homework, it encourages self discipline to really practice instead of learning it on our own. Additionally, feedback from Ada is good as we will know which area we will need to improve on.

Thank you, Ada! It has been a good learning experience and I appreciated all the feedback that you have provided for me to keep improving.

Kee Yee

45 days of practice and a great teacher!! Ada, thank you!!!

The way you break down the components to build upon daily practice if very effective. Otherwise, my improvement wouldn't be so great in such a short time!

Wan Pin

Thanks for your help and support over the last 6 weeks!

I would recommend this bootcamp to someone who wants to learn brush lettering but I would warn you that you need to commit to practise!


I would definitely recommend this bootcamp to anyone who wants to learn brush lettering! It helps greatly to have someone who can guide us to make improvements, rather than trying to figure out on our own. Also, the bootcamp keeps us disciplined to practise consistently with daily assignments and video guides. 🙂

Thank you so much, Ada, for the boot camp! I'm glad I signed up. Learning brush lettering has been quite therapeutic and also, satisfying when I make progress each time. Thank you for your patience and constant encouragement too! 🙂


Thank you for the tips on brush lettering. This marks the start of my brush lettering journey.

The bootcamp is recommended and the course content is intelligible. 


What's the value of Modern Brush Lettering Bootcamp?

2-hour in-person workshop (worth S$80)

2 x Lettering Workbooks (printed and binded) + Pens + Supplies (worth over S$80)

  • Modern Brush Lettering Workbook (lowercase + uppercase alphabets)
  • Modern Brush Lettering Connections Workbook (including Lettering Composition)
  • 3 x Small Brush Pens (different brands)

3 x Live Lessons + Lifetime Access to Replay (worth over S$200)

  • Connect letters to form words
  • Simple Lettering Composition & Uppercase Alphabets

26 x Instructional Videos with Lifetime Access (worth over S$100)

  • Lowercase Alphabets
  • 15 Days of words
  • 7 Days of short quotes

FB Exclusive Group (worth over S$100)

  • Daily Challenges to motivate you to practice
  • Connect with other students in the Group
  • Submission of Assignments for Feedback
  • Ask me any questions!

Over $560 SGD in VALUE!!

Who will be guiding you?

Hello! I'm Ada....

I'm a hand lettering artist here in Singapore, a proud mama to two kids, and a definite coffee addict!

As someone who loves to share, connect and create, I’m the perfect person to show you and your little ones how to bring your ideas to life. Whether it's brush lettering, faux calligraphy, watercolour galaxy backgrounds, or just something simple to get you started, I’ll share all my lettering tips from the moment you get in touch. Let's get your basics right together!

As part of giving back to the community, I donate a percentage of my earnings from lettering pieces to charities here in Singapore.

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