5 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Modern Calligraphy

Learning Modern Calligraphy will definitely help kids improve on their penmanship. But what exactly is Modern Calligraphy? Modern Calligraphy is a new style of calligraphy that breaks away from the traditional rules of calligraphy. There is no fixed style in Modern Calligraphy other than following the basic strokes to create letters. It allows you to be creative with lettering and mixing up different styles.

Let's explore 5 reasons why your kids should learn Modern Calligraphy.

1. Develop motor skills and penmanship

In order to letter using a brush pen, you need to learn how to use the pen to create the basic strokes in each alphabet. This action means that the brain needs activate the primary motor cortex which is responsible for fine motor skills. While lettering, the left brain which is responsible for language and speech is also utilized as we need to spell out words.  When children learn calligraphy, they are forced to write within the guided lines. Constant practice will improve their calligraphy as well as penmanship skills.

2. Improve mental health

Lettering provides an outlet for children to slow down, focus and breathe. Most people find lettering therapeutic because when we are focused on creating a basic stroke, it forces the body to breathe and relax. As we letter, our minds will forget problems and focus on what we are writing. Children can letter quotes that are positive and encouraging to improve their mental health.

3. Gain a creative skill and confidence

Calligraphy is a creative skill that takes practice. This means anyone can pick up calligraphy as long as they put in time to practice. As your child practices, they will get better and see progress in their lettering skills. By mastering a new skill, children will gain more confidence especially when they can show-off to their friends.

4. Brush pens are easily accessible and affordable

I recommend modern calligraphy with brush pens over pointed pen for children simply because brush pens are kids-friendly, affordable and available in A TON of colours.

5. Save money (or maybe make money!)

Once your child learns calligraphy, you have a little lettering artist at home who can help you create simple gift tags and bookmarks as gifts for your friends and family! Add a personal touch to your gifts with this simple creative skill and your friends will be amazed by your child. They can even create lettering pieces for their friends (and maybe earn some pocket money)!


Ready to sign your kids up for a Modern Calligraphy Workshop?

Find out more over at Calligrakids! These workshops are designed for anyone between the ages of 7 -12 years old. The lettering workshop for beginners focuses on basic strokes and alphabet formation. I make it super easy for kids to learn calligraphy. All course materials such as brush pens, worksheets and final artwork are included.

Check out the list of available workshops here!

Here's what the kids are saying after attending Lettering Workshops with Ada from One Kind Letterer:


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