My Top 3 recommended small brush pens for beginners

My Top 3 Recommended Small Brush Pens for Beginners

There are so many small brush pens to choose from when you want you start brush calligraphy. The most often asked question is, which small brush pen should I start with? Unfortunately, there isn't a one size fit all solution. So here's my top 3 recommended small brush pens for beginners and you should definitely start with one of these.

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1. Pentel Brush Sign Pen

Comes in 24 colours, Pentel Brush Sign Pen is a popular choice among many beginners in Singapore. This is one of the top 3 recommended small brush pens for beginners. Many of the kids that I've taught also love this pen!

The Pentel Brush Sign Pen has a flexible tip and it's easy to use! 


3. Zebra Fudebiyori Extra Fine Brush Pen

Last but not least, the Zebra Fudebiyori Extra Fine Brush Pen is also one of my top 3 brush pens recommended for beginners too!

This particular model is only available in 1 colour i.e. black but if you like this brand, you can try their other model, Zebra Funwari which is available in more colours!

The Brush tip is similar to Tombow Fudenosuke (Hard Tip) in terms of flexibility.

Pentel Brush Sign Pen

2. Tombow Fudenosuke (Hard Tip)

Another top recommendation for beginners is the Tombow Fudenosuke (Hard Tip) Brush Pens. This is a very popular choice in US and Canada but not so much in Singapore. 

Available in 10 colours, the Tombow Fudenosuke (Hard Tip) Brush Pen is slightly less flexible compared to Pentel Brush Sign Pen. Use this pen if you are a heavy-handed writer.

zebra fudebiyori

Where can you buy these pens?

International Market -

Singapore - City Luxe, Overjoyed, Art Friend


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Have you tried these pens before?

Leave a comment and let me know which is your favourite pen!

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