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10% of our proceeds are donated to charity
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The Best Brush Pens for Kids

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Best brush pens for kids

Is your child just starting out on brush lettering? Or maybe yourself? The most asked questions from parents and students are, “What are the best brush pens for a beginner like me?” Or, “What are the cheapest brush pens for my child?” I’m a mother of two myself, so I know.. we want a pen that’s good enough for them to learn, not too expensive (because kids lose their stuff) but hardy enough to take it if the kids are being rough. This post will hopefully answer all your questions. 

I have been teaching lettering workshops locally so I have seen brush pens that students love and other brush pens that are hard for beginners. During my in-person workshops, I like to share a bunch of pens and markers with my students so they can try out different tips.

I’ve also personally tested out different brush pens, trying to find economical and hardy ones for kids. The list only consist of water-based pens and markers because kids... Enough said, here’s a list of brush pens that your kid (and you too!) can start with if you are exploring lettering. 

1. Pentel Brush Sign Pen

This is my number one small brush pen for ALL students of different ages. A small brush pen means the nib is smaller and works well for lettering small words. Many beginners find Pentel Brush Sign Pen the easiest to start with. I’ve used it in many children workshops and they love it too! What’s even better is that Pentel Brush Sign Pen comes in an array of colours - which makes it even more fun for kids because they do rainbow lettering.

  • Size of nib: small
  • Number of colours: 24
  • Price: S$2.00 each or a set of 6 for S$11.77

2. Tombow Fudenosuke (Hard Tip)

Tombow Fudenosuke is another small brush pen suitable for kids who are starting out lettering. The nibs are small and slightly harder compared to the Pentel Brush Sign Pen. If your child tends to be heavy handed when they are writing, this may be a better option for them. I’ve personally used Tombow Fudenosuke when I first started out lettering. Tombow recently released a bunch of new colours for this series but the colour is not as rich and extensive as Pentel Brush Sign Pen. 

  • Size of nib: small
  • Number of colours: 16
  • Price: S$3.50 each or a set of 10 for S$34.90

3. Crayola Super Tips (Washable Markers)

Crayola’s tagline is “washability you can trust!” - exactly what I want to hear as a mother! These markers have thicker and harder nibs than Pentel Brush Sign Pen and Tombow Fudenosuke.  I would consider these as medium nib. They are really hardy to use, easy to letter with and, comes 100 colours! Crayola Super Tips are also cheap and the best part is, they are washable! 

  • Size of nib: medium
  • Number of colours: 100
  • Price: set of 20 for S$9.90, set of 50 for S$24.90 or set of 100 for S$68.90

4. Artline Stix Brush Markers

This is a great alternative to Tombow Dual Brush Pens (which are very pricey S$4 a piece and frays easily). I use these brush markers for my big brush lettering workshops with kids and they love them especially when we are doing blending. These are considered large brush markers so if your kid is using them, they would need to write larger to differentiate between thick and thin strokes. Artline Stix Brush Markers comes in many different colours - best part among the list, they come in metallic colours too! Metallic colours can be used during the holiday season for writing on black paper!

  • Size of nib: large
  • Number of colours:
  • Price: S$1.39 each, set of 12 for S$16.69, set of 20 for S$27.82, set of 4 metallic (decorite brush marker) for S$6.42

Do you like my list? Have you tried each of these 4 best brush pens for kids? If your kid wants to learn more about lettering, do check out my workshops! We go through all the basics required in starting brush lettering and I break down everything so it’s easier for your child to understand!


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