10% of our proceeds are donated to charity
10% of our proceeds are donated to charity
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Teacher's Day Collection

Inspired by the teachers who have taught my child, I've created a small collection of tote bags to describe my appreciation and gratitude for all the teachers out there. Being a teacher is NOT an easy task and I admire all the time, effort, patience and love that a teacher puts into each and every child out there.

As One Kind Letterer is a new initiative and I'm running the business as a sideline alone, I'm hoping to gather enough orders before I send these designs off to print. 2 out of the 3 designs are hand-lettered by myself on the ipad and I hope you like them! 

If you're looking for a teacher's day gift, these canvas tote bags make a great gift. Convey your appreciation and gratitude to the teachers by ordering today - https://onekindletterer.com/collections/teachers-day-collection-open-for-pre-orders

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