5 Reasons Why Students should start a Bullet Journal

What exactly is a bullet journal (or bujo for short)? Bullet Journal system is created by Ryder Carroll. To put it simply, you can think of your bullet journal as a customised planner that you can write and draw in. Similar to a planner, you can use bujo to track your schedule.  What's more impressive in  a bullet journal system is you can create different sections for your own needs, for example, daily to-dos, monthly or weekly calendar, track your homework and projects, create study trackers and record any goals you have. Let's take a look at 5 reasons why students should start a bullet journal.

November bullet journal notebook layout for children Retro theme with simple geometric shapes

1. Using Pen and Paper

As technology advances, we are all reliant on our smart phones to track our schedules and to-do list. Using pen and paper to list down your schedule and notes is still the best way to remember them. Starting a bullet journal is one of the best way to help students organise your studies and remember important deadlines and test dates!

2. Time Management

One of the top reasons why students should start a bullet journal is to learn time management. By using the bullet journal to track your time-table, weekly or monthly schedule, due date for homework and projects as well as upcoming tests or exams, students will be more organised in the way they prepare for school. 

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3. Cultivate Good Habits

Another reason why students should start a bullet journal is to cultivate good habits. By using the bullet journal, students can create a habit trackers to meet certain goals. For example, they can set up a study tracker if they want to spend a certain amount of time studying per day. By breaking down goals that are actionable, it will be rewarding to students as they are meeting them. As a result of this, students will able to build good habits.

4. Goal Setting

Bullet Journal is the perfect place to log down your goals for the month or even the year! Every student will have something they would like to accomplish during the school year. By putting your goals down on paper, it allow you to see them and work towards them consciously. As such, even if it gets challenging, students will have something to look at and persevere on to achieve their goals. 

5. Creative Outlet

In a Bullet Journal, you can choose to write and draw anything! The best part of creating your own bullet journal is that you can design it in any way you like! You can use any pens of any colour and doodle in any drawings. Be creative and have fun! You can refer to this post for more ideas and inspiration on monthly spreads!

How to start a Bullet Journal?

Do spend at least 10-15 minutes to list out what you like to include in your bujo and how you like to track them. You can use the planning sheet here for reference.

These are basic pages that need to be added into a Bullet Journal:

  • Index Page
  • Journal Key
  • Future Log
  • Weekly Spreads
  • Monthly Spreads

As a student, you can add these pages:

  • Timetable
  • Homework, Projects, Test Dates
  • Goals
  • Study Tracker


Bullet Journal Planning Sheet

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