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pentel brush sign pen_black

Pentel Brush Sign Pen (Black) - Small tip brush pen, fantastic for anyone of any age who wants to learn lettering. I use this pen to teach in my lettering classes for beginners!

crayola supertips

Crayola Supertips (set of 20) - HIGHLY recommended for kids who wants to learn lettering with a larger sized brush pens. Washable and Value for money!

Pentel Brush Sign Pen

Pentel Brush Sign Pen (set of 12) -  yes, it comes in different colours than black! If you want to make your work colourful as you learn, this is the choice for you!

artline stix

Artline Stix Brush Markers (set of 20) - Kids friendly option to learn large brush lettering - water soluble and comes in a great variety of colours too!

tombow fudenosuke (hard tip)

Tombow Fudenosuke (Hard Tip) - Small tip brush pen suitable for beginners especially if you tend to be heavy-handed when writing. I personally used this as a beginner!


Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip (set of 10) - yup! These comes with colours too!

karin brush marker

Karin Brushmarker Pro - Anyone who's looking to take lettering to the next level, this set of large brush pens is a MUST-HAVE in your pens collection. I love how smooth and easy it is to letter and blend with these brushes.



HP Premium 32 - Smooth to letter on, these paper will not ruin your pens or cause a dent in your wallet. If you're looking for practice sheets, this is a definite must-have!

canson market paper

Canson Marker Paper - Suitable for big brush lettering especially if you're using Karin Brushmarkers or tombow dual brush pens. This paper is smooth and will not ruin your felt tip markers.

rhodia paper pad

Rhodia Blank Paper Pad - If you are taking your lettering to the next level and looking for better quality paper to practice on, Rhodia is the brand you want! They use the smoothest paper but of course, that comes with a high price tag too!

Leuchtturm1917 A5

Leuchtturm Notebooks - By far, these are one of favourite notebooks to letter on. I store lettering styles and quotes in these designer notebooks. The pages are smooth and easy to letter on especially with the small tip brush pens. They come in A4 and A5 sizes with choices of blank, dots or grid pages.

strathmore tracing paper

Strathmore Tracing Paper - Printed a bunch a lettering practice sheets on copy paper? Use these tracing paper to practice your lettering! I use tracing paper all the time for practice and to draft my final pieces.



Pentel Aquash Water Brush - These brushes allow you to fill them up with water and are great for lettering. However, you will need to learn to control how much water to let through.

prima watercolor

Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections - If you have decided to take watercoloring to the next level, then these are a must have. Prima Marketing Watercolors are absolutely beautiful and they are my favourite for watercolor lettering. They come in many different color schemes - collect them all! The best 2 color schemes to start with are Classics and Tropical!

bleed proof white

Dr Ph Martin Bleed Proof White - White paint won't show up on your watercolor galaxy background. This is what you need!

princeton select round paintbrush

Princeton Select Paintbrushes - These are definitely recommended if you are starting out on watercolour lettering. Without having to think about how much water to squeeze as with the Pentel Aquash, you can focus on learning the basic strokes with these paintbrushes

ecoline liquid watercolor

Ecoline Liquid Watercolor - These tiny bottles of watercolors are the extra punch you need if you want to see rich and glossy colours in your final pieces. They don't come cheap so I would say, they are a nice to have.

koh-i-noor watercolors

Koh-I-Noor Watercolor 24 Stack Pack - These watercolours are value for money and the colours are rich enough for anyone who just wants to start exploring watercolor lettering.

ph martin watercolor

Dr Ph Martin Radiant Concentrated Watercolor - I use this specially for galaxy background because the colors are VERY rich. Like ecoline, the price point is high on these tiny bottles so they are a nice to have.

daler rowney watercolour

Daler Rowney Watercolour Paper - These A4 paper come in a jumbo pack of 100 and they are great for watercolours.